Utah County Tie Sheet Map

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To view PDF files download this Click here for Free PDF Viewer

To configure the Transparency Tool

- Click the box to turn on the Aerial Images
- Select "Tie Sheets" as the layer to be affected in the dropdown list.

- Play with the slider and you will notice that you can make out "generally speaking" where the monument might lie according to our photography.

Note: This aerial photography is not intended to replace the tie sheets that have been surveyed and provided for your use.

To download a PDF of the Tie Sheet

- Click on a monument. When the pop-up information window displays, please click on the blue hyper-link that triggers the download.

Map navigation using mouse:
- Drag to pan
- SHIFT + Click to recenter
- Mouse Scroll Forward to zoom in
- Mouse Scroll Backward to zoom out
- Use Arrow keys to pan
- + key to zoom in a level
- - key to zoom out a level
- Double Click to Center and Zoom in
- SHIFT + Left Mouse --> Custom Sized Zoom Box